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Satin Lined Bonnet with Long Tie

Check out our beautiful handmade satin lined bonnets. Safe to wear during the night and out on the town. 

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Signature Satin Lined Turban

Our Signature turban is inspired by Zainabu, a woman who did it all, made it look easy and looked amazing while doing it. The Signature turban is fully lined in soft satin that won’t strip natural oils from hair and smooth fibers helps to keep hair from tangling. Classic pleats are topped off with a cute knot detail in the front. 

This style can be dressed up or down to suit your personal style. Very comfortable with slight stretch to accommodate up-dos, locs, and more. Colors are inspired by members of my family. From my family to yours, we present our Signature collection. Fits most head shapes and hair textures. 

Comes in 12 colors inspired by my family:  Brimah Black, Mariama Gold, Bryers Bronze, Haja Green, Fatmata Green, Laila’s Rainbow, Beatrice Blue, Alhaji Blue, Foday Red, Hawa Pink, Grace Pink and Poppadul Silver. 

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Amie Turban

The Amie turban is named after my Grandmother Aminata (Amie) and color ways are inspired by the names of head wraps across the diaspora.  The Amie turban features black zig-zag stripes giving a  fun twist on this  classic turban style.

15% spandex gives this turban durability, stretch and comfort. Featuring soft internal fabric that won’t cause friction with your hair and top knot detail with pleats. This turban is small head friendly. 

Comes in 3 colors, Dhuku Lime, Enkincha White and Tignon Pink


Opulence…You Own Everything

Glamorous or minimal – our collection of drop dead gorgeous earrings are worth the look.

Opulence, you own everything turban is named  after a quote from cult  film, ‘Paris is Burning’.  Made in the 1980s, Paris is Burning depicts the history of ballroom culture and the people that pioneered it. 

Featuring gold sequin details on slightly sheer shimmering fabric with pleating and cute top knot. This turban is perfect for when you want to look and feel glamourous. Fit most head shapes and hair textures.

Comes in 4 colors: Black tie Affair, Silver Screen, Purple Reign and Beatrice Blue.

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Tis’ the Season Turban

Our Tis the Season turban hair cover is made of soft faux fur fabric that will make you look and feel warm and cozy.  Color names are inspired by some of our favorite times of the year. Get into the season spirit with this turban perfect for indoor and outdoor use. This turban is big head and big hair friendly. 

Comes in 8 colors: Summertime Yellow, Eggnog Cream, Easter Baby Blue, Santa Baby Red, Mother’s Day Rose Pink, Eid Blue, Full Moon Grey and Black Friday. 


Skyline Turban

The Skyline turban features terry like fabric with soft interior that will not cause friction with hair. Inspired by the sunrise and sunset, Skyline’s vibrant colors and comfortable feel is sure to brighten your day. This turban has a slight stretch and can fit small to medium head shapes. 

Comes in two colors: Sunrise  and Sunset. Both styles feature a vibrant mix of rainbow colors. The Sunset adds a deep navy blue to give you more versatility with your outfits.


Salone Nights Turban

Inspired by the landmarks and people from Sierra Leone better known as Salone to locals.  

The Salone turban is made of shimmering fabric that gives a beautiful metallic effect. Featuring a classic pleated design, classic top knot detail and soft stretch perfect for full hair. Big head and big hair friendly. 

Come in 7 colors from left to right: King Jimmy Wine, Cotton Tree Green,Wilberforce Blue, Zainabu Purple, Freetown Gold, Baby Gold and Diamond White.



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Satin Lined Bonnet

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Here are some frequently asked questions.

What are our turbans made of?

Our turbans are made with mostly polyester fabric. Polyester fabrics are strong, resilient, wrinkle-resistant, colorfast,  Resistant to stretching, shrinking, abrasion, wrinkles, and mildew. Easily washed and quick drying, polyester is sensitive to heat.

How do I wash and clean my turban?

The first thing we always suggest when attempting to clean your turban is to check what kind of stain it is an search how to clean that from Polyester on google or other search engine. 

The reason we recommend is that the is often no universal solution to solve individual issues.

With that said, we recommend hand washing only, do not tumble dry, iron or bleach and drip or lay flat to dry. 

Why is the lining of my turban a different color from the image?

Due to the availability of fabric we will use the same quality satin but in a different color when necessary. Lining on our items are not visible from the outside.

Do you do Bulk discounts or  Custom Orders?

Yes! Please contact us here with the style, amount and any additional information for the items you want to order and we will send you a quote.

We offer customizations of our made to order items outside of the prints and sizes available. If your are interested in completing a custom order, please send us your request with the necessary information here






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