Zainabu Turbans Catalog

Zainabu Turbans Catalog

Check out our full range of fashionable turbans that are made to go with your style and mood. Turbans are a great way to update your style and add a a unique element to your already individual style. 

We carry both lined and unlined styles but rest assured that all of our turbans are safe for your hair. The fabrics used are smooth inside to keep hair from tangling and breaking. 

Lined Turban

  • Signature Lined Turban comes in 12 vibrant colors

Unlined Turban

  • Amie Zigzag Striped Turban
  • Skyline Terry Cloth Turban
  • Opulence Sequin Turban
  • Salone Nights Metallic Turban

Cold Weather Turban

  • Tis\’ the Season Faux Fur Turban