5 Oils to Penetrate and Moisturize Hair

Top 5 Oils for Your Hair

Hair oiling is a great way to not only keep you hair and scalp moisturized but the act in itself can help to relax you while promoting hair growth.  

We recommend that you try the oils by themselves first both on dry and wet scalp. The reason is so that you can be able to see how your hair reacts to the oils. If you find your hair reacts well to the oil you can then mix a few together and even add essential oils for fragrance. 

How do you know the oil is working or your hair is reacting well to it?  The oil will absorb into the hair and scalp as opposed to just sitting on top. We recommend you try this 2-3 times a week depending on your hair needs. 

Click through below for the top 5 hair oils: