Tis the Season

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Tis the Season

Inspired by our favorite time of year our Tis the Season turban will give you that holiday feeling, all year long.  

Soft and comfortable faux fur is softly pleated to achieve this luxe turban. 

Available in 7 colors: Summertime Yellow, Eggnog Cream, Easter Baby Blue, Mother’s Day Rose Pink, Eid Blue, Santa Baby Red, Full Moon Grey and Black Friday. 

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Full Moon

For those in the know the full moon is a time of rebirth and release of what no longer serves you.  Our soft grey Full Moon hair turban is inspired by this moment. 

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Summertime Yellow

Inspired by one of of favorite seasons, summer. A soft yet vibrant yellow is sure to cheer you up while you wait for the season to come back aroound. 

Mother’s Day Rose Pink

Every time I think of Mother’s Day I think of flowers being sold everywhere you turn, especially roses. Inspired by this day that celebrates Mothers and Mother figures this vibrant pink makes us feel all cuddly inside. 

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Black Friday

Who doesn’t enjoy hearing stories about Black Friday sales both good and bad.  This luxe black faux fur turban will keep you warm while you camp outside the Best Buy at 5am or just when you want to treat yourself. 

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Easter Baby Blue

Easter reminds us of white shoes, baby showers and baby blue.  Get into this vibrant baby blue color. 

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Eggnog Cream

The holiday season has an energy that cannot be duplicated.  Go back to that warm and cuddly feeling with this rich cream color. 

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Eid Blue

Inspired by this holy time of year, this a rich navy blue is stunning. 

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Santa Baby Red

Santa is definitely on the list of our favorite people real or imagined. Inspired by the man in red and the iconic song, Santa Baby is a lush and vibrant red. 

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