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Zainabu Yeabu Sesay Brand Inspiration

Zainabu (zeye-nah-boo) is named after my beloved aunt, Zainabu Yeabu Seasay who passed away 15 years ago in Sierra Leone. 

My aunty Zainab was a loving and brilliant woman, mother, sister, friend and servant to her country. She was driven by the love for her family, her children Brimah and Beatrice and love for her county and fellow man. Inspired by my beautiful aunt and all of us that strive to do it all and look good while doing it, we’re proud and honored to share with you Zainabu Turbans.  



Our Mission


At Zainabu (Zeye-nah-boo) Turbans we are dedicated to providing you style, versatility and convenience so you can make time for what’s really important.

Our turban hair covers can be dressed up or down and come in a variety of styles and colors. Zainabu Turbans can be used for hair care, hair loss, chemotherapy, swim & sun or just to complete a look.

Whatever your needs, we have something that will work for you!

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My Story


Earlier this year, I took the big plunge to bleach my 4c natural strands, platinum blonde.  What resulted was a “hair journey set back” that left me struggling to figure out protective style options.

My hair was much too fragile for braids or twists and wigs would not allow my scalp to breath and heal. Baseball caps worked sometimes and head wraps in others but they weren’t always appropriate for where I was going or doing.


One hot day, frustrated with my lack of options I found a basic hair turban I had from the beauty supply store. I had only ever worn it indoors but it was the perfect match to what I was wearing that day. I brushed my hair back, slicked down my edges and pulled on the turban. 

As I went through my day I couldn’t get over not only how practical and convenient the turban was but how chic and comfortable I felt and looked.

After that, I set out on a mission to buy more turbans. I was surprised to find very few options and when I did find lacked the style and versatility I was looking for. It was clear to me that I needed to create my own turbans and  Zainabu Turbans was born.


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So grateful and excited to be featured on CNN underscored. Read about us and other brands making face masks with the link below.