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Reversible Mask  with Adjustable Straps & Filter pocket


3d Adjustable Mask



Zainabu Turbans



Our collection of beautiful hair turbans are stylish, convenient, versatile and won’t harm your hair. Fashion meets function with  turbans that are perfect for :


  • Alopecia and Chemotherapy Hair Loss Cover

  • Protective Style

  • Perfect Vacation Hair Cover

  • Stylish Bohemian Look

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Face Masks

Face Masks

Our face masks are handmade with adjustable straps, durable and breathable fabric, washable and stylish. We have 2 different styles and working on more!
Signature Turban

Signature Turban

Our satin lined turban hair covers come in multiple colors and are a great alternative to bonnets and hair wraps. Satin protecst your hair from tangling, frizz and moisture loss. Comes in 12 colors.
Amie Turban

Amie Turban

Our Amie turban with black zig-zag stripes add a unique spin of a classic look. Mixed with spandex this turban hair cover has stretch as is perfect for beach and vacation. Comes in 3 colors.
Salone Nights Turban

Salone Nights Turban

Our Salone Nights Turban hair covers are a slightly sheer shimmering fabric with a slight stretch. Comes in 7 colors.
Skyline Turban

Skyline Turban

Our Skyline turban hair cover has a terry like fabric with smooth interior that won't tangle hair. Rainbow colors will brighten up your look. Comes in 2 colors.

Tis' the Season Turban

Our Tis' the season turban hair covers are a lush faux fur fabric with smooth internal fabric that won't tangle hair. Comes in 8 colors.
Opulence, You Own Everything Turban

Opulence, You Own Everything Turban

Our Opulence, you own everything turban hair cover is not for the shy. This show stopper has a slightly sheer shimmering fabric with gold sequin throughout. Comes in 4 colors.


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Turbans are a stylish and comfortable way to update your wardrobe. 

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